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Portfolio Investments

Portfolio Investments was established for the purpose of real estate development and strategic acquisitions. The company consists of three family members: Michael, Scott and Corey Brand. The Brands have a combined real estate experience of over 50 years in commercial, school/educational and residential development. Portfolio Investments initial projects were primarily in the California bay area market with a more recent focus in the Utah and Arizona markets. Due to the partnership’s diverse background as real estate agents, investors and developers there is a creative and broad view in their process. The process has allowed Portfolio Investments to be successful its three areas of development: commercial, school/educational and residential development.




In each of Portfolio Investment's area of development they have demonstrated an ability to provide results. Portfolio Investments has developed nearly five million square feet of office space for some of the largest corporations in the world. Portfolio Investments has also provided over one million combined square feet for more than 20 schools where nearly 20,000 kids are able to learn and develop. Lastly Portfolio Investments has completed multiple residential projects providing quality living space for many families. Portfolio Investment’s past experience and results will allow them to provide the same results for all future Portfolio Investment developments.

  • Over 50 years of Combined Real Estate Experience

  • Major Corporation Build to Suit

  • Over 20 Build to Suit Charter School Projects

  • Residential Development from Mutli-Family to Single Family Community Development

  • Specialized in Land Acquisition 

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